Phone numbers listed from search criteria entered are for informational purposes only and should only be used to contact participating member utilities directly. If assistance is needed to process a locate request, please contact Blue Stakes Notification Center at 811 or (800) 662-4111 during normal business hours (7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday, except holidays), or visit our Locate Request page to find out more about processing non-emergency tickets at any time. Click on the ? for help.
Dig Site Location  
This section is used to find the desired location on the map below. "Find Street" button will search for the physical address in the Blue Stakes mapping system. "Intersection" button will search the Blue Stakes mapping system for intersections between the streets entered in the Street Address and Cross Street fields. "Get GPS" button will retrieve the GPS coordinates from the computer or device being used and populate those values into the Latitude and Longitude fields. "Goto Lat/Long" button will center the map on the specified Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
Street Address
(ex: 270 N 100 E or 123 S Main St)
Cross Street
(decimal degrees, ex: 40.511574 and -111.886459)
Dig Site Mapping  
Use the buttons below the map to indicate the desired area of concern. Clicking on the map will re-center the view at the location clicked. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out on the map. Click the "Roads/Aerial" button to toggle between displaying the roads only or displaying roads and aerial imagery together. Click the "Draw" button to turn on the map drawing tools and toggle between Point, Line, and Poly functions. When "Point" is shown, click a single point on the map and specify the desired buffer around it to create a circle. When "Line" is shown, click two or more points on the map, clicking the last point again to end the line drawing function, and then specify the desired buffer around the drawn line. When "Poly" is shown, click on three or more points on the map to draw a complete polygon covering the desired area of concern. Click on the first point of the polygon to end the drawing function. Clicking on the "Draw" button again, will clear the drawn polygon.
Lookup Member Contacts  
Click on the "Emergency After Hours" button to display the emergency after hours contact information of the utility members within the selected area on the map. Click on the "Planning & Design" button to display the engineering contact information of the utility members within the selected area on the map.