Blue Stakes Ticket Duplication
Create a copy of another excavator's locate request ticket.
Use this application to create a new ticket in your name that is a copy of another excavator's ticket. For example: a subcontractor copying a general contractor's ticket or a contractor copying a homeowner's ticket.

This application should NOT be used if the extent of your excavation area is not identical to the excavation area on the original ticket. If the area you need is smaller or larger, please use our Online Locate Request application to specify the excavation area that you need.
This application will:
  - Create a new ticket listing you as the excavator
  - Copy the address information and staking instructions from another excavator's ticket
  - Legal start date for YOU will be two (2) business days from when YOUR ticket is created
  - The ticket to be copied cannot be Expired or have been Cancelled
  - The ticket to be copied cannot be a Meet or an Emergency ticket
  - The address information and staking instructions will be identical to the ticket being copied and cannot be changed
The ticket number and the phone number used when the original ticket was processed must be provided to access these applications. A valid email address must also be provided to facilitate Blue Stakes sending a confirmation of the request to the submitter.
If you are unable to meet ALL of these requirements, please exit this application and dial 811 or (800) 662-4111 to process your request. Requests submitted between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM on normal business days will be processed on the same day. Requests submitted after these hours will be processed and released at 7:00 AM on the next business day. Requests submitted using this application are not valid until a "Successfully Submitted" message and the ticket and revision number are displayed.
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